Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Power Of The Present

I've written previously about making the most of what we call our 'time'.

As I 'age', I am more concerned with how I spend my precious 'time.'

I have a new theory to create an extra day into our week, and I’ll write a separate blog on that.

For now, let's focus on this moment.

The Power of the Present is based on Zen philosophy (and other theories) that suggest that time is merely an illusion.

The only moment we truly have is NOW.

I'm intrigued by the Power of Now; how this moment is the only 'reality'.

I'm learning about spiritual enlightenment, and have learned from many self-development teachers. 

I am receiving a strong message – The Power of the Present.

This moment is where the MAGIC is.

The past has gone, and we can only imagine our future, so the only real 'time' is NOW.

We can affect the 'future' by what we are thinking about NOW, but still we only have this moment.

This is a very empowering thought, and can indeed change your life.

If we are living in the now, and being present, we appreciate each moment more.

By appreciating each moment more, we feel good, and when we feel good, we attract more good experiences into our lives.

Being present also eliminates anxiety and many mental health issues, as if you are only thinking and being HERE, you can't be thinking about what MAY happen, or what HAS happened. Anxiety and depression and many other mental health issues are usually caused by thinking too much about what has happened in the past (for example, *a belief that I am unlovable because my Dad left my Mum when I was a child) or what MAY happen in the future (for example, *I may not enjoy my new job.)

*Please note, these are not my own experiences, but using them to illustrate an example.

I subscribe to the belief that our physical health is directly linked to our state of mind. I believe our health is determined by how we think and feel, and there is a mountain of evidence to support this theory.

One strong example of this is when people think themselves out of a terminal illness, or they walk after being told they never will walk again.

There is so much proof of this belief, and I can see it in my own life on a daily basis.

When I feel physically good, I am happy, and vice versa.

This is my quest or purpose; helping myself and others to feel their best, physically and mentally.

I am passionate about the power of the present, spiritual enlightenment and living our best lives.

The definition of “Spiritual Enlightenment” varies, and some teachers say there is not a word to describe it, but one feels it, and it is like “peace.”

Buddhism names it Nirvana.

Some say one can learn enlightenment from others, but one becomes enlightened alone.

We could go deeper, and I do explain this theory and way of thinking in my coaching and seminars.

For now, let's accept that NOW is the only moment we have.

Let’s apply this wisdom to our everyday lives.

Think about the times when you have felt perfectly happy. You were in the moment, you were present.

Mine are what I refer to as "perfect days" with my family.

The perfect days are a series of moments. Each moment is glorious. I also experience perfect days with people other than my family, and on my own.

I will use an example; I am watching my husband and kids playing in a water park. I feel content watching them, knowing they are safe and happy.  I feel very relaxed, and I am breathing deeply.

I am not thinking about my book edit, or whether people will like my book, or what to have for dinner.

I am purely focused on that moment in 'time'.

My advice to you, if you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, confused, uncertain, or just not feeling your best, is to focus on the NOW.

Apply the Power Of The Present to a current issue or problem you may have.

Be present - with yourself, with your family and friends, especially your children - they know if you are really with them.

I believe this will create a happier and peaceful life, and create good experiences.

When I practice being present, and living in the NOW, I feel content, appreciative, relaxed and satisfied.

These are great feelings.

Being present will also help you, change your perspective and result in a more fulfilling life.

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By Donna Hanks Underwood
5 May, 2013