Thursday, June 14, 2012

The grass is greener on the other side

Oh, this old saying could have been written about me.

I haven't blogged for a while (this is only my third post), but I feel it is time to blog again.

Time for me to get back into a routine, and I will blog, and I will design a lovely page.

I've experienced enough upheaval and change for now. It's what I wanted, it's what I asked for - change!

And for the record, no real negative change (all things I wanted); moving to a new city, moving into new schools and communities, then moving again into a bigger house in my favourite suburb, just to name a few highlights.

"I love change", "I want what she's having", "I want to go over there", that's been me. Up until now.

Now I want to be here. In this moment, in this city, in this home.

Isn't true happiness here, in the now?

I present seminars and teach others how to live their best life, and make changes to be happy and healthy.

Of course, this doesn't mean I always take my own advice!

Yes, I know all the philosophical theories; you can travel the world seeking something, and only find the "answer" in yourself. You need to be happy with yourself, as you are now, where you are now, to be happy.

Sure, you can still go about making changes for improvement, but it all begins with being happy and content now.

Aaah, that's the answer.

Ok, so you may read into this that I've had some challenges lately, and most of my life I do feel as though I have been looking for something.

I have a loving family; a loving husband, 2 beautiful and healthy sons, and a loving extended family and amazing friends. I am healthy, and have many great qualities.

What else do you want, you would ask.

So, my declaration in this blog, is that I choose to be happy now, as things are now, and they are wonderful!

We have some issues, (who doesn't?), but they can be fixed and they are only small.

You know when you have a "bad day", then you hear of something so terrible that someone else has endured, and then you realise how blessed you really are?

I want to feel blessed all the time, all day, and not need to be reminded about it.

I've realised I feel good when I have a creative outlet outside of my family (although my family is my best and most favourite "creation"). I'm sure you understand this.

I will save my story about getting the work/family balance together in another post.

Goes something like this - I have worked and not worked (currently not doing any work outside the home and mum duties), and I love working on a creative project, (such as a seminar), that I can do in my own time, when the kids are at school.

For the record, my "work" is not always profitable, and that doesn't drive me. I spent a lot of time and energy (for no fee), organising my own highschool reunion, for example. I am driven by the event - organising something and promoting it, getting people to go and have fun!

It gives me a sense of achievement, that I think I am ultimately seeking with my "work".

Another key factor in my quest for helping people be happy, is to know your ideal outcome; how do you want to feel?

This really helps to feel happy, to know what you are "seeking". For me, it has been acclaim in my career.

I want the attention when I present, but ultimately I want to help people, while I'm also helping myself. Whenever I coach someone, it inspires me to do the same:-)

My wish for you is also to be happy, content and know what will bring this for you.

So this is my new thinking: My grass is green, it's lush and I love it, and I am going to go and water it. xx