Sunday, October 21, 2012

You have what you want

Jack was missing Calvin.
Jack is my 5 year old son. Calvin is the name of a toy.
Remember the toys we had as kids - a castle or the like, with water inside, and you had to get the hoops over the other jiggers, by pressing the buttons. That's my technical explanation.
Calvin was a smaller version of one of those. Small, plastic, fiddly and earned from Timezone after both my boys played in there with dad while I was off getting my nails done. I wasn't there when Jack chose it, but I'm tipping Calvin would have cost about $50. (Mum or dad hand over the cash for the kids to play arcade games and they "earn" a toy with the points they accumulate from the games.)
Jack loved this toy, no reason why he called him Calvin, by the way.
One night, like boys like to do, Jack pulled the plug out of Calvin, water leaked out, and no more Calvin.
We threw him away.
One less fiddly toy for me to manage, I thought.
No, Jack wanted another Calvin.
And so the search began.
Every outing since, I’ve kept my eye out for another one (and I go to the shops every day).
Until today, this magical day, (still no toy like Calvin), and yes I had considered going back to Timezone and spending another $50 to get one.
To put this into perspective, I didn’t visit a toy shop and really try that hard, was just keeping my eye out, but I knew one day it would turn up. And it was only last week that we ‘lost’ Calvin.
Today, I visited my local newsagent (I go there most days), and they have a free lucky dip if you spend over $5. Yes, I’ll buy something extra just to spend over $5 – I love that stuff.
So does Jack.
I’ll spend $300 on a cocktail dress without blinking, but if I get a free $2 toy, I’m ecstatic!
So you know where this is going.
I bought my goods, I looked into the lucky dip bin to have a rummage, (just after I had raved onto the newsagent owner about how amazing this concept was), only for the “Dora the Explorer” toy, just like Calvin but Dora themed, was gazing lovingly up at me.
Can you imagine my reaction?
I am very ‘gushy’, that is, I rave when I find something I want, or love. Everything is beautiful. Every second song on the radio is my favourite song. I get excited over the little wins, as much if not more, than the ‘big’ ones. Actually, I’m sure I get more excited over the free coffee on the loyalty card, than anyone ever has. (I’m also extravagant with money, but just love the idea of the 'gift').
I call it gratitude, and now I’ll make my point.
I rave onto my kids, and anyone who will listen, to be grateful for all the good in your life, and you’ll receive more. Even if not to “get more”, but to appreciate it.
I also strongly believe in the power of letting go of something. An item, a person, anything you want.
I dedicate a very important chapter in my book, to letting go. I say let go of the need. Want it. Love it even. But don’t need it.
For more details and good examples, you’ll have to read my book, although I’ve given a big part of the message away in this blog post.
Finding the toy today is a perfect example of so many of my beliefs.
I get excited about the little finds.
I always attract what I want, it turns up eventually.
I am always very grateful when I find what I’m looking for.
This applies to whether I buy the item, or it is given to me. It doesn’t matter either way.
Often this happens when I’m not looking for it.
I like to "find" items for my friends, as they do for me. You want it for each other, but there's a different energy about it.
A perfect example, is; I have a friend who said her favourite perfume had been discontinued. She said she even tried to buy it directly from the actual designer company, based in Italy.
Funny that I found it (the real deal) in Priceline in Kalgoorlie (my home town, population of 30,000).
Still she couldn't get it from Italy.
I bought it for her. She was happy.
Since, I have bought it again. I've found it in other places, and still she can't believe it exists.
How can this not be the the ultimate guide to life? (Believing, that is).
Believe it and you'll see it. (Wayne Dyer says this in his famous book; I can't take credit for composing this line, but I love it).
(Not see it and you'll believe it).
Don't we all see what we're looking for?
Another good example is my thrill at discovering "Donna" perfume in Nice, France on a fun working holiday, (many years ago).
They had said it was a new perfume, just launched in Europe.
I bought it and loved it.
I refused to believe I would have to travel to Europe again to buy it.
(This was in the olden days before we could buy everything online).
I returned to Kalgoorlie and the "Donna" perfume was in the local chemist.
I bought it.
I also believe that when your things turn up, you lovingly accept them.
Say thank you; if it's a gift, accept it gratefully. If you buy it yourself, happily exchange the money for your item. You wanted it, you got it.
It sends a strong message to yourself that you get what you want.
So, let go go the need and it all turns up.
Believe you'll have it (the perfume, the toy, the love, the money, whatever you are "seeking").
You have it in abundance.
All the things you are looking for are here for you.
This theory applies to anything in your life you want but you can’t seem to ‘find.”
Let go of the need.
Still want it, don’t try too hard and it will find you J
Here's to many more "Calvins" showing up in our lives .