Saturday, October 19, 2013

Feel it and you will have it

This is a little story about when you let go of the need for something, you then have it.

Yes, I have written on this topic before and I love giving new examples.

We know I also love analogies, and how a simple experience can put everything into perspective.

This story is about wanting a lock-up diary.

I wanted a diary with a lock and key, and a few years ago I went searching for one. Not online, but in the shops, and I found some, but not the style I wanted.

I let it go.

Now I see them everywhere, and I buy them when I find them. I have a few in varying designs, and as I love to write (electronically and the old-fashioned way), I write ideas and affirmations in the lockable diaries.

The other day when I was clearing my desk, I had two lock and keys from aforementioned diaries, and recalled how I now see them everywhere, and how once I used to look for them and now they just turn up. I actually played with the padlock and keys, checking they matched (they did), then returned them to the diaries.

The next thing in the area I was de-cluttering, was my favourite handbag from Paris. It is well-worn, but I do not want to throw it away. I bought it in Paris. So no more.

I opened all the zips in the Paris hand-bag, and there was a gorgeous padlock and key to match the handbag - a lovely gold padlock with a key enclosed in the same material as the handbag. Lovely.

So you get my point.

I wanted something. I looked for it. I couldn't find it. I let it go. Then they showed up.

When I was grateful for it, and gave it positive attention, two seconds later there was another one.

I acknowledged how I had found the items. I admired them. I then found more of them.

One of my biggest lessons I teach in self-development coaching is to feel as if you already have what you desire.

If you are looking too hard, you have the energy that you need something. When you no longer need it, but still want it, it's amazing how quickly you then attract it.

This is not just diaries and padlocks, but any item, money, people, experiences and love.

Feel as though you already have what you desire. Believe you have it. Let it go and you will have it.

Love Donna