Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's in a name?

I chose the name "Prima Donna" many years ago, another one of those great ideas that just "popped into my head", like all the good ones do.
I love great ideas, it's like they've been stored in your mind for years, and then something inspires them to turn up.
I have done a lot of study on the power of the mind, it's one of my favourite subjects, so I love wondering why? Why do I do that, why do I feel that, and why did I choose that name?
However, I do suggest to clients (any myself) that sometimes you don't need to ask why, and just let it all be.
So back to the name, Prima Donna. The dictionary definition is, "1. a female operatic star; diva
2. Informal a temperamental person, conceited person.
I'm happy with those definitions, I can be a diva and I can be conceited, certainly temperamental.
Plus my first name is Donna, and I love my christian name as it means "woman" in italian. Thank you mum and dad.
I am into names, and what you call yourself, as it is so defining.
My name was Donna Hanks for 35 years. Then after I was married at age 35, I was then Donna Underwood.
I was happy to make the change ("take my husband's name" sounds so archaic), but it never felt right leaving Donna Hanks behind. I love people calling me Donna Hanks, or "Hanksie". A dear friend once enthused that Donna Hanks was a brand, not just my name. So true.
Now that I am blogging about finding your life's purpose, and helping people in my seminars and coaching to find the TRUE YOU, it is only fitting to call myself Donna Hanks Underwood, aka "Hanksie" and "Prima Donna".

Finding your true purpose in life

Do you know your purpose in life?
If you are already living it, you most likely feel fulfilled, peaceful, content.
If you don't feel good most of the time, and you feel something is 'missing', maybe you need to ask yourself, "What can I change to have a more fulfilling life?"
My purpose is to help you find your purpose.
This is my professional role, my "work", although I love it and so doesn't feel like "work." I want to help more people do what they love for a living. I truly believe that you can live your life doing what you love to do every day, be paid well for it, and live your ideal lifestyle.
I have other beliefs not shared by the majority of people, but I am happy and content most of the time, and living my ideal life. If I don't like something, I change it to feel better. My ultimate aim is to feel good, and I believe that when I feel good, I attract more good.
I look after myself and do what I can to be happy. I believe I need to be happy to be the best for my family and friends.
Your purpose also relates to your personal life, including your relationships with others, your family, your friends, and how you feel about yourself.
I like to start with YOU. How you feel about yourself.
I want you to LOVE YOURSELF. If you don't, I offer ways to think and act differently so that you do.
Then you can go on to the next steps, including How To Know What You Want and How To Change. With clarity comes the vision and opportunities.
I have had many professional roles, and once I was "on purpose", writing and presenting my "Feel Good Now" program, I could see what appealed to me in previous jobs, and what I was searching for the whole time.  I explain this in more detail in my books and live seminars. 
If you want to find out what your life purpose is, and how to live a happier, healthier life, please join me at a live seminar, or enquire about personal coaching.
Find out more about Feel Good Now seminars and coaching at http://www.aastre.com/