Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fun, profit and homewares

Have you heard the saying, "I work for fun and profit?"
My new saying is, "I work for fun, profit and homewares".

I've been taking time out from "working" to decide what I really want to do,
realising that life is precious and one must do with one's precious time,
what really matters.

Being in a wonderful situation where I don't "need" to "go to work", I know I want to work on my projects, in my own time and conditions, and make a lovely profit to afford the many goodies life has to offer.

I believe you can have anything you want, and create any situation in your life, including "working" doing something you love to do that is fulfilling and on your terms. (I write "work" in inverted commas, as I work for fun, and profit as the saying goes, not work as in like a chore).

As I've written in a previous post, I haven't always worked for profit. Now I want to. I want to make it worthwhile. I want to help people with the wisdom I have acquired, as well as have the money I need for beautiful homewares, furniture, clothes, jewellery, perfumes and other luxurious goodies.

I've written a book, "Feel Good Now". This is my view on ways to make yourself feel better, and live a fulfilling life. Although I do not have a formal qualification, I have learnt by studying the power of the mind,  and other self-development methods, and of course good old-fashioned personal experience. I have coached many people and helped them, and they don't need me to have a formal qualification, if I help them. And I have. This makes me feel good. They say we teach what we most need to learn. You know how you always know what someone should do, when they tell you their problem? That's coaching. It's always easier when you're on the outside looking in, and not always that easy to fix when it's your own problem. Hence the need for coaches, and sometimes the coach is just there to listen. Sharing the load lessens the problem, sometimes even healing it completely.

Recently, I offloaded to a dear friend and she said all the right things, and made her suggestions. I decided I would talk to the person concerned with my issue, and we'd fix it. I didn't need to do this, as the problem was resolved just by talking about it to someone else. That's what I mean about the healing power of talking to others about our problems. Sometimes we have to do something and talk to the others involved, sometimes it takes care of itself when we decide we want to change it.

Back to the book I've written. One of my BFF's recently asked me what the status of my book was. I answered, "I've written it, and looking into publishing options, thanks for asking." I have had a lot of interest in my book, friends asking to buy a copy. next project is to create the e-book version first.

I have ideas for many products using my affirmations, such as decals you stick on your mirror, to remind you of your wonderful qualities: "I am beautiful", "I am lovable", etc...

I'll start with getting my message out in my book, stay tuned.

I believe a powerful way to get started on a project is to make the declaration - tell someone you are going to do it, so you'll commit and be accountable.

And I do so love those homewares, off to finish the book.

Monday, July 9, 2012

"My friends are here!"

I love my friends.
I love and appreciate my close friends.
You know the ones, the ones you can rely on no matter what.
The ones you can call if you need a favour, no questions asked.
The ones you can call any time and say, "I need you", and they'll be there.
As I get older, I appeciate my true friends so much more.
I cherish them.
I remember hearing when I was younger,  that you could count your true friends on one hand.
I had a lot of friends as a child, teen and young adult (didn't we all?).
Post 40, not only do I believe this is true, but also that my 3 besties, are the same ones from my childhood, and teen years.
My oldest best friend, JF, is my bestie from year 1. She still holds that special place in my heart, and is always there for me, as I am for her. We have been through all the highs and lows together.
I have re-connected with my other 2 BFF's, we met at 14 years old, in highschool.
They were my bridesmaids, and we too have seen the good and the bad times.
We have spent so much time together, and experienced so many milestones, that (as I said to NG recently),
"I have a lifetime of happy memories of you".
The "bad" times are in the background, the good times prevail.
I realise that no other friendship could endure this time, and the time we have spent apart in recent years,
 has not changed the love and respect I have for these 2 very special girlfriends.
I'll tell you a little story -
When I was a teen, I had a bit too much to drink (I'm not proud of this moment, but it's relevant to the story).
I had been put to bed to sleep it off, by our older more responsible friend, while my friends went on to the outing (the local roller skating rink we frequented on Saturday nights).
My friends arrived afterthe skating, to check on me.
I was wakened and went to the door, and in my delirium and post-drunken state, exclaimed,
"My friends are here!"
I never lived that down, as it was so funny to see my reaction to the girls (I was a very slight, sobering teen experimenting with alcohol).
I felt so happy to see them, and I still feel the same way now, 28 years later.
Since seeing the 2 girls, NG and JC, after a few years break (we were living in different cities, and I have since moved close to their location), I feel great comfort spending time with them.
I still feel as though I can tell them anything, they can trust me with their secrets, and I just love being around them.
In my recent "Feel Good Now" seminars, I talk about being around people who make you feel good.
I feel good around them.
I believe you will naturally "find" your true friends with age and wisdom, and those who are not will "fall away".
I am hosting a sleepover for my 2 BFF's tomorrow night, and excited about getting together for a long awaited catch up, (our gorgeous kids included and also very excited).
We love each other's kids too, I will always be there for them all.
We have so many jokes from our teen years, that we've passed on to our kids, they "get" our humour too.
To NG and JC, thank you for coming back into my life.
We share a special friendship.
Tomorrow night, expect a few of the old, "My friends are here."
Love you long time, Don xxx