Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Perfect Naked Body

Do you want to see the perfect naked body?

I can tell you where you can see it, but you have to promise not to scream in denial.

Take off all your clothes, and look in the mirror.

Now, before you scream in denial (did you promise you wouldn’t?), please consider my theory.

I believe you (and I) need to love ourselves, inside and out.

If you’re thinking, “Are you crazy? My body isn’t perfect! I thought you were going to tell me where I can see a beautiful body”, then read on.

Firstly, ‘beautiful’ is subjective; what is beautiful to one person is not to another. We all ‘prefer’ a certain look.

Why not ‘prefer’ your own look?

Start by believing your own body is beautiful; inside and out.

Love and accept yourself, as you are now.

This is not a new idea, and one I have subscribed to for many years, although I haven’t always practiced it myself.

I learned a theory many years ago, that I also agreed to; that we choose our own body. This theory also suggests that we choose our parents, and our whole life.
In a simpler manner, surely you can agree that you have contributed in some way to how your body is now.

Sure, genetics play a role. I’ll take that belief too. I have some features like my mum, some like my dad, some like my granny, etc.
We inherit features, but we can also agree to beliefs, just because someone told us that. For example, “All the women in our family have big thighs.”

We have the ability to choose our own lifestyle; what we consume and what activities we do, who we spend time with, and all the important decisions that contribute to our wonderful body.  Doing something differently with your body (even if you have a predisposition to something), can certainly change your body shape.

Take responsibility for how you are now.

I have experienced quite a few lifestyle changes in the last few years, and have a few ailments I’d like to eliminate. I can see these ailments are directly related to my emotional state.

My beliefs tell me that once I totally accept and love my body, then I can heal myself.

I do have a positive self-image, but can still work on this. We all can.

I can go about making changes to my body and changing my thinking to heal myself, but it begins with loving myself as I am right now.

I’ve written a self-development book, I Love You, sub-titled, Love Yourself and Love Others for a Fulfilling Life.

Here is an excerpt from I Love You:

The first step in creating the life you want is to love yourself now. Start with saying aloud, “I love myself now, as I am.”

Love every part of yourself, and if you want to change something, agree now that you will do it. If you don’t want to change it, accept it.
You can love yourself without thinking you are perfect. I use the word ‘perfect’ a lot in my writing and coaching, and I say it to mean that something is ‘perfect for you.’ I can feel perfect as I am right now; even though I still have things I want to change.  I can be working on changes while also loving myself.

Accept yourself as you are now. You need to accept yourself as you are now, to be able to change if you want to.

Love yourself now and want to change. That's the key. I encourage you to think that you’re okay as you are now.  If you love and accept yourself now, as you are, then that creates a good feeling. A good feeling will create more good feelings.
Think to yourself that you can change if you want to. You can do more and you can improve any area of your life (or all of it).

Loving yourself is allowing yourself to be your best.  Think now that you can have your best life.

Take a good look at yourself, inside and out. Look at yourself in the mirror for added effect. Bonus points for your self-development if you can do this naked.  I’m going to call this ‘the naked exam.’ It is like an exam, you are examining yourself. You’re deciding what you want to keep and what you want to change. It’s confronting to strip naked and stare at yourself in the mirror and really accept yourself. I expect this will be emotional. That is the point. When you get emotional about an issue, it’s the ‘fuel’ to motivate you to change what you want. Alternatively, you can do the naked exam and not want to change, but instead just decide that’s who you are and that you are wonderful. I want you to do it for it brings so many benefits. Your emotions could range from pure love to disdain for yourself.  You could feel embarrassed to look at yourself in the mirror. I know some people can’t do this, or they cringe to look at themselves, or they may feel they just don’t want to. Imagine how your life could change if you could do this and feel good about yourself.  You could look at life differently, by having more confidence. You could relax about the little details. You could laugh at yourself more. You could simply enjoy your life more. This could empower you to be your best.

My emotions and reactions to looking at myself naked have changed as I have become more self-assured. (Yes, I take my own advice.) I’m sure they will for you too. I now feel relief that I can confidently look myself square in the eyes and say, “I Love You” and really mean it. Please try this. I’m sure you will reap many positive benefits from it. If you can’t do it naked, start with being clothed. But I strongly suggest you work your way up to ‘the naked exam.’ Look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud, “I Love You” (and say your name). Mean it, and just ‘be’ with yourself. Be alone. Laugh at yourself, if this works for you. Cry if you need to. Get all the emotions out. No one is watching you, this is for you. It will benefit your whole life in my opinion.

If you want to, talk to a friend or partner about how you feel about yourself, and the changes you want to make. You can prefer just to keep this to yourself. Feel the feelings you have about yourself, and only share them if you want to.

If you have really had enough of the status quo, then that is often all the motivation you need to make positive changes. When you really have that feeling of ‘enough,’ or ‘never again,’ it can motivate you to change. This is the ‘fuel’ I mentioned. This can be something about you physically, emotionally, or it could be the way you feel you are being ‘treated.’ I believe that we teach others how we want to be treated. Now is the time to regain control of your life, starting with your assessment of your own self-worth.

How you feel about yourself and how you treat yourself will determine how others treat you, and what you ‘attract’ in your life. It’s all about the energy you radiate, and we’ll talk more about this in forthcoming books.

Put this book down now and go and do ‘the naked exam,’ or do it when you next have the opportunity to be alone.

The good news is that you get to pass your own ‘naked exam.’ You’re the one who decides that you’re amazing, worthy and lovable.

-End of book excerpt-

Now, that was easy, right?

I’m assuming you did the ‘Naked Exam’, and if you didn’t, that you will when you have the next opportunity.

Do you feel empowered? Do you feel like you can now move on and do anything? That was the aim, but if you don’t feel this way, I’d like to hear about any progress.
Looking at yourself naked in the mirror doesn’t need to be a traumatic experience. It is designed to make you feel good.  I believe positive self-talk should be taught in school, but at the very least taught at home, by parents. Tell your own children how wonderful they are. Tell your teenagers they are beautiful, when they are complaining of pimples and changing bodies.  I write affirmations on my bathroom mirror, with just enough room to admire myself, and of course to do my ‘naked exam.’

Do you still want to see that perfect naked body I promised you in the title? You do have the perfect naked body. It is perfect for you. If you want to make changes, then do that. Eat healthier foods and exercise to change your shape and improve your health.

Call me crazy if you like, but please try the ‘naked exam’, and see your life change.

A wise man once said it is crazy to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. It’s the same with your thinking. Change your thinking about your body; love it and it will love you right back.

Embrace the idea that your body is perfect, and see how that feels J

Here’s the link to I Love You book on iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/k23te5n 

Lots of love from Donna

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